Personal Injury

My goal is to get you the maximum recovery for your damages - as quickly as possible.

My goal is to get you the maximum recovery for your damages – as quickly as possible.

No doubt about it, personal injury cases are tough.

It's you against the entire insurance company.

It may feel like it's you against the world.

Unless you trust the insurance company, you need to get the right lawyer, that has the experience in the field and is willing and ready to go to court.

I have been handling these cases for almost 30 years, and at my office, if I don't win, you don't pay me, and I don't like losing.

Attorney Fees

In personal injury claims, the fee is a small percentage of the recovery, agreed upon by the client and attorney.


There are several types of damages you can collect for under Oklahoma law in a personal injury case.


The wrongful death statute allows the recovery of medical and funeral expenses and loss of support and love and affection for spouses, children and parents.

Medical Expenses

You are due all reasonable and necessary medical expenses for treatment of injuries suffered in the accident. If you have permanent disability, you may be entitled to future medical expenses.

Loss of Earnings

You are entitled to collect your provable loss of earnings while off work recovering from your injuries. Your future loss of earnings can be collected if your injury is serious and interferes with your ability to earn a living.

Pain and Suffering

You will soon find out that it’s no picnic to be involved in an auto accident. One of the elements of damage in assessing the value of your case is how much pain and suffering you have undergone while recovering from injuries.

Permanent Disability

If you have life changing, serious injuries, you are due compensation for loss of enjoyment of life and permanent health problems.

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Know Your Rights

Insurance companies are betting on you to not pick up that phone and give us a call. The truth is, you can afford an attorney, and your first call should be to an experienced and well qualified Law Firm. We have been helping our clients get what they deserve for over 60 years and we will help you too.